1967 Chevelle Malibu

Restoring Your Car

Product Description

The only solution to restore a vintage car or truck with limited funds will be to accomplish the work your self. This means that you may need a location to do the work, such as a garage, where the automobile is protected from the weather. Additionally you need a complete range of auto tools, the owner’s manual and lots of knowledge. Speak with friends or other enthusiasts who have restoration experience and could be willing to help or teach you.

Undertake as much of the bodywork on your own as possible. The amount of money you need to do unquestionably is determined by the condition of the car, but there should certainly be a number of cosmetic work required. Keep money to one side for a professional paint job to complete the automobile, despite the fact that you are able to do the priming of the body yourself. This would cut down the overall paint costs.

Be prepared to spend 12 months to restore a classic car. Don’t attempt to hurry the project. Definitely take the time to uncover the cheapest sources for parts before you purchase and perform the most of the work as possible by yourself.

Don’t forget to check with us for your parts for your project, we will be adding parts monthly to help you with your project. Send us pictures of your project we would love to post them to our site!


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